Premium US Guaranteed Signups
How does it work?
Our network spends thousands of dollars each month placing strategic ads to target home based business seekers. With a combination of banner advertising, cpc advertising, email and more we deliver over 1,000 interested prospects to our users each and everyday. When an interested person clicks on our banner, they are taken to a page that displays a list of opportunities. You can find a sample list of our opportunities page here. If the visitor clicks on the opportunity (A) link we will send them to a users site that is promoting opportunity (A). We will keep your signup page inside a special script page which will allow us to track when the user has completed the sign up process. Once the sign up is complete, your account is debited for one sign up. These are actual verified users visiting your website and signing up directly for your free service or information. Visitors are not rewarded or enticed in anyway to join your program. 

Our system works with many business opportunities and other types of free information programs. Whether you are looking for build a solid downline or just a newsletter, we can deliver! When you sign-up you simply select the type of program you are offering from our list of popular programs we support. Please note that the average client of ours can expect between 1 - 20 sign ups per day. We do not guarantee when the sign ups will occur. Larger orders may take up to a few months to complete. Our system is meant for long term planning and should be seen as a long term solution to providing you with quality leads for your business.

Your product, service or information must be 100% to those signing up. We do not accept offers that ask for any type of payment nor do we accept offers that ask for any type of financial data such as social security numbers or banking information on the first initial lead form. We do not guarantee that anyone will buy your product or service. We do guarantee that you will receive the exact number of guaranteed sign ups you have purchased within the time frame stated during the ordering process.